Gold Mining Stocks May Not Affect Health Insurance Costs

The gold mining stocks are a lucrative investment because gold itself has no price. Therefore, all the gold that is produced is immune to any change in value. Investors requesting what gold mining stocks to invest in are advised to consider one or some of the following names. Each mining company is different and their history and future prospectus are different as well.

Stocks to Watch

One of the gold mining stocks to watch is Sky Genetics, a small company that has been around since the 1970s. They are primarily focused on two areas of the world, South America and Australia. In recent years they have expanded into Canada and Eastern Europe. As of the current time, investors can invest up to ten per cent since the price per share is low, therefore, there is still plenty of room for investors to make a profit. Although the per cent since inception is low, investors who have bought shares could stand to make a large return in the future.

Another gold mining stocks to watch is Pandemic. Since its inception, they have expanded into twenty-four countries throughout Latin America and Eastern Europe. The company does produce a distinct product, however, their high price per ounce and high demand for their product has driven up the price over time.

Gold Price

In the next few months, there are going to be several events that occur which are likely to change in the gold price. Two of these events are the first Federal election and the presidential election. Candidates on both sides are trying to win the election and try to reach the popular vote. Whoever gets the most popular votes is expected to win. With the gold mining stocks to watch for during these events is the best gold mining stocks to invest in.

gold mining stocks

On the other hand, if investors wait until after the presidential election, then the yellow metal may not see any change. Investors can expect that either candidate will be pro-business and will promote economic growth. They will also continue to promote high-interest rates for loans and credit cards. It is unknown whether either one of these candidates will be able to handle a natural disaster or pandemic that happens. They could very well make things worse than they already are. The chances are very good that something bad will happen, and gold mining stocks will be in a bubble waiting for the government to bail them out.

During the presidential election, many candidates will promise to bring back jobs to America, and decrease the cost of living. Many people are worried about the direction that President Obama is taking, and this is why gold mining stocks will likely do no great damage to the economy. Since there is no guarantee that any of these candidates will be able to handle an outbreak of a pandemic, or that a disaster will strike, gold mining stocks will most likely do no harm to the economy at all. After the election, it will be business as usual with politicians trying to promote their policies and promises, and gold mining stocks will be there to soak up all of the profits.

If you are in the Buffet world, gold mining stocks are a great buy, and if you are not, they are probably a safe place for you to keep your cash. Gold prices are going to continue to go up, and that means that everyone will be happier. When you sell something, you want to make sure you can get more money back, and gold mining stocks have the potential to give you a nice return on investment. With the presidential race over, you can take advantage of all of this to make a nice profit.